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Giovanni Monteforte

Giovanni Monteforte

Giovanni Monteforte is a jazz guitar player and composer, born in Italy, grew up with studies in London with Peter Ind. From the beginning music has been his profession. A music aesthetic purely devoted to expression, rather than academic techincality as an end in itself, is one of the most remarkable virtues of Monteforte's music.
He mainly plays electric guitar but his characteristic sound is clean and warm like the 40'/50' typical one. He's musical language, focused on improvisation, spans from the tonal root to the atonal phrases. He's style is often assimilated to Jimmy Raney, Tal Farlow and Billy Bauer and defined as "neo-cool".
Monteforte has an important career also in the didactic field. During the years he published several important manual and books about jazz and guitar didactic. With his ""antirevisionist current of though"", he's also a reference point in the discussion about jazz history.