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Dilene Ferraz

Dilene Ferraz

Dilene started singing in public at the age of 9, when she appeared on a television programme broadcast by the Jornal do Comercio, a Brazilian television station from Pernambuco State, and eventually she became its presenter.
Three years later, Roberto Carlos, a famous presenter on TV Globo (the main Brazilian television station), invited her on to his programme to sing solos from La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi.
After a spell spent recording songs for advertisements, in 1982 she released her first disk Adeus a vida. This disk, produced by Copacabana Records, was recorded in San Paolo and it was followed by a concert tour of Brazil. In 1983, with the same record company, she recorded her second disk Bateu forte o corašao, again followed by a tour of the main cities of Brazil. Both the disks got into the charts.
When she was 16 she began to compose songs herself, and started on a new project, choosing the musicians who she wanted to work with, and creating an entirely original and personal repertoire characterised by a sound somewhere between ethnic and fusion. With this group she took part in numerous festivals e.g. Pixinguinia Project when she sang with Leny Andrade.
Some years later she moved to Italy. She made her first appearances in places such as Berimbao and Leoncino in Milan. She later started working for Franco Godi, an Italian producer, and her voice was used for various national advertisement campaigns for e.g. Kodak and Dietorelle. In 1993 she started recording her first Italian disk, produced by Best Sound & Flying Records, with the group Caraiva, which she led. This project lasted until 1995. From 1995, she worked on the Brazilian Love Affair project, based on the covering, in Brazilian style, of pop songs by Bee Gees, Michael Jackson and others. With this group she recorded 4 LP and 4 singles (DIG IT International Records).
The success of this venture gave her the opportunity of a concert tour of Italy and also international promotions. Her disks sold not only in Italy but even as far afield as Japan and Central America. She has appeared on all the main Italian radio stations (Radio RAI Radio Televisione Italiana, Radio DJ, Radio Montecarlo and Radio One O One) and also on many television programmes (Festival del Cinema TELE+1, Casa x Casa with Patrizia Rossetti, Generazione X con Ambra, Gelato al Limone con M. Pani, Tappeto Volante con Luciano Rispoli, Roxi Bar con Red Ronnie). Her record-reviews were published in magazines such as Vogue, Elie, Acid Jazz and New Age. In 1999 Dilene created the jazz-oriented Dilene Ferraz Group. With this band of talented musicians, she has created a successful synthesis of her own Brazilian roots and the continental background of her musicians. This current collaboration seems an ideal way for her to continue to develop her work as composer and interpreter of masterpieces of Brazilian music.